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Researchers have discovered a new, unusual-looking planet called HD 56414 b. is called

Nation World News, JAKARTA – Researchers have discovered a new planet that looks unusual, named HD 56414 b. conclusion . were published in a paper released in The Astrophysical Journal.

The planet orbits a hot, short-lived A-type star. Scientists don’t usually find gas giants smaller than Jupiter around bright stars.

In recent decades, astronomers have discovered thousands of exoplanets around various stars in the Milky Way. Nearly all of them, more than 99 percent, orbit small red dwarfs to stars slightly more massive than the Sun.

However, the more massive stars are lonely, with some exoplanets found around Type A star-like objects, representing some of the brightest stars in the night sky. Most of the exoplanets found are relatively large, the size of Jupiter or larger.

informed of independent On Saturday (13/8/2022), the new planet may help provide clues as to why this is happening, partly because it is difficult to find. Most exoplanets are found by observing the dip in light that occurs when they pass in front of their star.

However, this new planet has a relatively long orbital period. This is probably because the ones that are easier to find will also be closer to a Type A star. Therefore, their gas would dissipate from the Sun, leaving a core that is impossible to detect.

“It is one of the smallest planets we know of a very massive star. In fact, it is the hottest star we know of with a planet smaller than Jupiter. UC Berkeley graduate student Steven Giacolone said, “It is very difficult to find these types of planets and we will not find many planets like them in the future.”

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