Seminar on monkeypox organised at BGH Bokaro – Daily Pioneer


The monkeypox disease has now been detected in over 80 countries, accounting for over 17,000 cases worldwide. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus as a global health emergency, warning people against negligence and complacency. In the same episodes to create awareness and view of the increasing outbreak of monkeypox in the world and in India, a seminar was organised at Bokaro General Hospital. Chief Medical Officer (Medical and Health Services) Dr. B.B. Karunamoy, Additional Chief Medical Officer Dr. Varsha Ghanekar, other doctors and medical personnel were present in the programme.

In the Seminar, Dr. Aditi and Dr. Subhashish shared important things pertaining to monkeypox. They said that the skin lesions (red rash) are mainly found in monkeypox. The death rate from this disease is much lower than that of Covid. In the program, detailed information was given about the symptoms of monkeypox, corresponding infection and ways to avoid it and vaccination. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr S Mardi said that monkeypox is a global disease like Covid, which has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. The attending physicians also discussed other aspects related to this disease. The program was conducted by Dr S Mardi.

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