Steelers SLAMMED as player perform mock ‘CPR’ on linebacker after Damar Hamlin cardiac arrest

‘Unprofessional and disgusting’: Steelers SLAMMED after players celebrate a sack by performing mock ‘CPR’ on linebacker Alex Highsmith, days after Damar Hamlin had a cardiac arrest playing for the Bills and needed reviving on the field

Football fans were left disgusted by a moment in the Steelers game on Sunday, where a Pittsburgh player appeared to celebrate a sack by Alex Highsmith by pretending to give him CPR.

The incident comes days after Damar Hamlin collapsed playing for the Buffalo Bills against the Cincinnati Bengals and needed to be revived on the field after having a cardiac arrest. 

After Highsmith challenged Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns, he laid on his back on the ground. Then, a teammate was filmed rushing over to congratulate him before performing a mock chest compression on Highsmith.

The camera angle didn’t reveal who the player in question was, but Highsmith didn’t appear to find the incident too amusing and quickly got back to his feet.

But football fans watching on noticed immediately and many took to Twitter. 

‘I’ve lost all respect for that team. If Mike Tomlin doesn’t address that despicable act, he’ll lose my respect too,’ one said, while another posted: ‘Not a good look Steelers, not even close! Unprofessional and disgusting.’

Another wrote: ‘What the hell was that CPR celebration from that Steelers player?!’

A different fan said: ‘Nice to see the Steelers paying tribute and showing love to Hamlin by doing a CPR celebration on that sack.’

The Steelers recorded a 28-14 victory on Sunday but it wasn’t enough to take them into the playoffs. 



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