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Although urinary tract infections are common, treating them is getting harder as the bacteria that cause them develop antibiotic resistance. Researchers identified a new chemical that inhibits drug-resistant bacteria through lab tests and in mice with pneumonia and urinary tract infections. According to the researchers, this compound, called fabimycin, may one day be used to treat serious infections in people.

The journal ACS Central Science published the study’s findings.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gram-negative bacteria are a group of germs that cause illnesses like pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and bloodstream infections in millions of people worldwide.

These bacteria have powerful defensive mechanisms, including hard cell walls that keep the majority of drugs out and pumps that effectively remove those antibiotics that do get inside, making them particularly challenging to treat. The bacteria can also change through mutation in order to resist numerous medications. Additionally, the treatments that do work are not very precise, eliminating a variety of microorganisms, even helpful bacteria.

Paul Hergenrother and his team set out to create a medication that might overcome gram-negative bacteria’s defences and treat illnesses while leaving other beneficial germs unharmed.

Starting with an antibiotic that was effective against gram-positive bacteria, the team made a number of structural changes that they thought would enable it to be effective against gram-negative infections.

While remaining largely inactive against some gram-positive pathogens and some normally benign bacteria found in or on the human body, one of the modified chemicals, fabimycin, was shown to be effective against over 300 drug-resistant clinical isolates.

The novel compound also performed as well as or better than existing antibiotics at comparable doses in reducing the quantity of drug-resistant bacteria in mice with pneumonia or urinary tract infections to pre-infection levels or lower. The findings, according to the researchers, suggest that fabimycin may one day prove to be a potent cure for difficult-to-treat illnesses.

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