‘Swine flu triggering digestive issues; spike in case severity’ in Hyderabad | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Apart from flu-like symptoms like fever, cold and malaise, H3N2 cases are also complaining of digestive issues like vomiting and diarrhoea, resulting in hospitalisations some times. Diarrhoea can become a serious issue if it continues for over 24 hours leading to dehydration, experts warned.
While this is a typical flu season, some doctors reported seeing such cases as early as December first week last year. “While typically flu (caused by influenza A and its variants like H3N2) is not severe, we are seeing increase in severity primarily because of people being protected from the influenza virus in the last three years.
Due to Covid-19 appropriate behaviour, including mask, social distancing and hand hygiene, people did not get the virus. When we get infected with the virus every year, it causes formation of antibodies and adds to herd immunity. Not being infected for 2-3 years has led to a situation where we do not have the antibodies of the virus,” said MV Rao, general physician.
He said the severity is causing occasional cases of sinusitis, acute urine infections, viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia too.
Individual doctors report seeing 10-15 cases per day with these symptoms, including some gastrointestinal symptoms. “During flu season, disturbances of gastrointestine is not uncommon and more cases could be due to the number of H3N2 cases being very high. There are a good number of viral fevers seen in clinical practice,” said Dr Burri Ranga Reddy, president, Infection Control Society of India.
He said H3N2 is currently on a rampage and it is going to increase further. “It will take a couple of weeks before recession of the disease transmission sets in. The fact that people are not wearing masks or taking any transmission-based precautions and the sudden change is weather is also working adversely,” Dr Ranga Reddy said.
Meanwhile, people with comorbidities, infants, elderly above 65, pregnant women and people with poor immunity are advised to avoid getting infected at all costs by using masks, hygiene, social distancing and maintain good immunity.

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