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The practice of getting tattoos on the body is very old. If we look at history, it is known that its beginning can be around the mid-1800s. Gradually this fashion started spreading all over the world. It is considered a part of the essential fashion, especially in Western countries, in which people paint most of the body with tattoo ink. In india too, this fashion has started growing rapidly in the last few years. But do you know that even a little carelessness about tattoos can increase the risk of life-threatening problems. Some people’s body is not fit for tattoo, so it is very important to know about its risks before getting tattooed.

According to the recent report, hiv infection has been confirmed in about 3-4 people in Varanasi, recently these people got tattoos. Medical reports have shown that the needle used to do the tattoo was infected, and no one noticed it.

Health experts say hiv infection has been caused by carelessness with the needle, but tattoos can also pose a risk of some serious problems. Let us understand this in detail.

What do health experts say?

We got in touch with delhi based Dermatologist Dr Mayuri Gupta to understand how tattoos can be harmful for us. Dr Mayuri says, now it is professionals who make tattoos and they also take care of all the necessary precautions. But if you have any skin or blood related disorder then give up the idea of getting a tattoo. As far as the hiv infection caused by it is concerned, then both the tattooer and the person getting it done should be careful. Ferry people make more mistakes like needle and uncleanliness. Knowing whether your body is eligible for a tattoo is also essential. Otherwise, tattoos can also cause many types of infections.

Do tattoos cause skin cancer?

This has been a question that often remains in the minds of people. Researchers say – ‘tattoos cause skin cancer’, this cannot be proven, but there may be some elements in tattoo ink that can cause cancer. When it comes to cancer, black ink can be particularly dangerous because it contains high levels of benzo(a)pyrene.

Benzo(a)pyrene is listed as a carcinogen by the international Agency for Research on cancer (IARC). Special care should be taken regarding the color and its quality. Skin cancer can be fatal.

risk of blood borne diseases

The risk of blood borne diseases due to tattoos has also been a big question. Sharing needles can also be a reason for this. In addition to checking for hygiene, needles and colors, make sure all staff are wearing gloves when getting a tattoo. Using needles more than once increases the risk of infections such as hepatitis and HIV.

Also know about these problems

Tattoos can put you at risk of some other types of problems, about which special care should be taken.

Tattoo dye can cause an allergic reaction that can develop years later. Symptoms of an allergic reaction may include a rash at the tattoo site.

Skin problems like staph infection.

Irritation or swelling at the tattooed site.

Developing granulomas or inflamed tissue around the tattoo site.

People who have diabetes problems should not get tattoos, there can be a risk of infection in the wound.

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