Terrifying torrents sweep away dozens of cars

Riyadh: Video footage circulated on social media platforms showed the destruction of a large number of cars and roads in the Saudi city of Jeddah, following the torrential rains on Thursday.

Video footage circulated on social media showed the flow of torrents after heavy rains in residential neighbourhoods, such as the Al-Nuzha neighbourhood and Al-Zahraa neighbourhood, and the huge amount of destruction that affected a large number of cars, as rainwater covered some of them and swept away others.

Saudi journalist Khalaf Al-Dosari published a video clip showing the torrential rains, and wrote in a tweet, “Historic torrential rains and unspeakable scenes now!… God bless everyone.”

In one of the videos, one of the women is heard filming cars being washed away by water and praying to God to save them from the current situation, saying, “This is my car that has been swept away.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “The 2009 scenario is repeated today. #Jeddah_sinks this morning due to the negligence and corruption of #Jeddah_Amanah. God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs.”


A wave of heavy rains in the city of Jeddah on Thursday caused the suspension of studies, delays in flights, and the closure of the road leading to Makkah Al-Mukarramah for hours, killing atleast two people.

The Saudi Al-Arabiya channel stated that the executive bodies in the city of Jeddah have mobilized their energy to deal with emergency cases, and field teams are working on the speedy disposal of water.

It pointed out that a large number of vehicles were damaged due to the torrential rains that flooded the streets of the city, and disrupted traffic in the coastal governorate.

The Jeddah Municipality spokesman, Muhammad Obaid Al-Baqami, confirmed that those affected by the torrential rains that the governorate witnessed will be compensated.

He explained that those affected can apply to the Crisis and Disaster Center, which is represented in all government agencies.

In turn, the Kingdom’s National Center of Meteorology said that the amount of rain that fell on the city of Jeddah, Thursday, within 6 hours was equivalent to what falls in a full season.

It recorded the highest amount of rain in Jeddah Governorate, from 8 am to 2 pm, which amounted to 179 millimetres.

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