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Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs is currently on trial on charges of coercive behaviour and assaulting his ex-partner Kate Greville, as well as his former sister-in-law Emma Greville.

Ryan Giggs arrives for domestic violence trial

The English press has published some of the harsh statements made by Kate Greville against Giggs during the trial, where she couldn’t help but break down into tears.

“He came at me from nowhere and headbutted me in my face,” she said.

“I was in shock. I fell backwards, my lip instantly swelled. I put my hands over my mouth and I could taste the blood.”

Greville describes her “toxic” relationship with Ryan Giggs

Kate Greville labelled her relationship with the footballer as “toxic” and claimed she felt treated as “a housemaid”.

She also accused the former footballer of throwing a computer at her head during an argument in a Dubai hotel.

“He wouldn’t leave me alone, there was never a time when he didn’t want to have sex,” she claimed.

Giggs’ alleged assault on Greville’s sister-in-law

Giggs is also accused of assaulting Kate‘s younger sister Emma Greville.

According to the footballer’s ex, Giggs hit Emma in the jaw when she was trying to pull him off her sister.

The alleged blackmail threat

Greville also explained that she tried to leave Giggs because he allegedly cheated on her with at least eight women and also because of his controlling behaviour.

However, she noted that the former Manchester United player harassed her with “50 texts an hour” and threatened to ruin her career.

One of Giggs‘ alleged threats to Greville came through an email titled ‘Blackmail’, where he attached a video they had made together.

“He’d say ‘I’m going to send these messages to people if you don’t reply’,” said Greville.

The trial is still ongoing, with it taking place at Manchester Crown Court.

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