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YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell “Valkyrae” hosted a short livestream earlier today, during which she confessed that she lied to the doctor about her real height.

While reacting to highly upvoted posts on her subreddit, the streamer stated that she felt embarrassed talking about her real height with her doctors and claimed that the truth was “too long.” She said:

“I couldn’t tell the truth because it was too long, okay? The truth was too long.”


Valkyrae discusses being asked about her height during a recent doctor’s appointment

Valkyrae’s height is a recurring topic of discussion on her streams, as several of her friends and fellow content creators often engage in light-hearted banter making fun of her height.

At the 36-minute mark of her recent livestream, the 100 Thieves co-owner stumbled upon a Reddit post that featured her, LilyPichu, and Yvonne “Yvonnie” comparing one another’s heights.

As the clip progressed, Rachell remarked that the hill they were standing on was slanted, resulting in their height not being reflected as it should have been.


(Timestamp: 00:36:49)

She then paused the video to make a confession and mentioned that she had lied to the doctors about her height:

“I have a confession. We were at, or not we… Rae was at the doctors last night and I was asked, it was a new doctor that I went to, they asked me for my height, and I was too embarrassed to say five foot three and a half. So, I said five foot three.”

A few minutes later, the conversation on the topic came to an end when the Los Angeles-based content creator stated:

“What stops us from growing taller? Doesn’t make any sense! Oh my god, it’s a never-ending ordeal!”

Fans react to the streamer’s clip

The YouTube comments section featured more than a handful of fan reactions, with some stating they also rounded up their height to the nearest number. Others claimed that Valkyrae’s scoliosis may have affected her height:

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