Udal release date: Here’s when and where to watch Durga Krishna Indrans Dhyan Sreenivasan’s thriller online – Ottplay


Durga Krishna’s thriller Udal finally gets an OTT release update. The movie, which hit theatres in May, has been one of the most-awaited films on streaming platforms for a while now.

The movie, which also stars Dhyan Sreenivasan and Indrans, revolves around Durga’s character Shiny, who is forced to take care of her mother-in-law after their home nurse leaves. This becomes torture for Shiny, who also has an extra-marital affair with her boyfriend essayed by Dhyan. Indrans plays a visually-impaired man, who brings in the emotional layers to this taut and engaging revenge thriller.

Udal was completely shot during the pandemic when lockdown restrictions were still in place. Both Durga Krishna and Indrans were lauded for their performances in the film, with the former even receiving an award from the Bharath Murali Cultural Centre for her role.

In an earlier interview, Dhyan had told us that before Durga Krishna came onboard, the director and he had a chat on who would play Indrans’ character as he drives the film. The veteran actors’ #Home had then just been released and there was a plethora of dark thrillers on OTTs, and so the makers were in two minds about casting Indrans for the role.

““But we gained confidence once we saw Indrans chettan’s look in the film. It also helped that the movie had a gripping story. While watching the footage during the shoot, we knew that this was coming out way better than we had expected,” said Dhyan, adding that the plan was always to make a small film that could be shot inside a house during the pandemic.

The movie was initially planned to be released on OTT but the response after its previews prompted the makers to go the theatre route. Udal is now finally set to stream on Amazon Prime Video from August 20 onwards.

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