Video: BVS Ravi Openly Blames Dil Raju

Watch: BVS Ravi Openly Blames Dil Raju

Writer-director BVS Ravi made the film ‘Jawaan’ starring actor Sai Dharam Tej, however, it was a failure at the box office.

After this, Ravi did not direct any other films, but he continues to be active as a writer.

He has been open about the reasons behind the failure of ‘Jawaan’, stating that the producer, Dil Raju, who is known for making family-oriented films, interfered with the project despite having no experience in the genre that Ravi intended for ‘Jawaan’.

This, according to Ravi, resulted in a change in the overall tone and mood of the film, ultimately leading to its commercial failure.

Ravi also revealed that ‘Jawaan’ was ready while the Tamil film ‘Dhruva’ was in production, and the coincidental similarities between the two films led to unfavourable comparisons.

Additionally, the lead actor, Sai Dharam Tej, felt that the film’s focus on family relations is important and this further added to the further confusion and negative result. 

Ravi also spoke about his past experiences as a filmmaker, mentioning that his debut film ‘Wanted’ was also a failure, due to his lack of experience. 

He also shared that the story for the film ‘Thank You’ was personal to him and was developed from his own family.

Ravi also said that, had Srinivasa Kalyanam scored a hit, Satish Vegesna would have directed this project and as it happened otherwise, it went to Vikram K Kumar. 

Ravi also mentioned that he had an old advance taken from the producer Allu Arvind, and so he was given the opportunity to handle Balakrishna’s Unstoppable.

He shared that his interactions with politicians Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan were unforgettable experiences for him in the journey of this show.

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