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Viral Video: Adorable Dogs Waiting For School Bus, Internet Says 'Wonderful'

Picture shows several dogs sitting together.

You must have come across plenty of dog videos on the internet, people love their cute antics and the loyalty they do possess for human beings. Many pet dogs are being sent for training by their owners. One such video is doing rounds on the internet shows a group of adorable pet dogs waiting for their school bus in their house’s corridor.

Shared by a user named Buitengebieden on Twitter on Saturday, the caption reads, “Waiting for the dog school bus.” The video has been credited to a user named victoriadw619.

The video begins with a bunch of dogs of different breeds sitting on a carpet in the house’s corridor. They are all seen ready, with their bags on their shoulders and the essential clothing. A yellow bandana has been tied to all the dogs around their necks. They can be seen carrying different designs of bags while waiting for their dog school bus.

The video has amassed over 2.2 million views and more than 71,000 likes in just one day and still counting. More than 6,500 users have retweeted the post and numerous have swamped the comment area with their heartwarming remarks. 

One user wrote, “Amazing how they are all wearing yellow bandanas yet even if you hadn’t posted a pic I would have known exactly who you were talking about.”

“Except there about to go to a place where they have fun and stimulation and probably are happy to be going there.”
“Wonderful,” a third user simply commented.

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