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The Perseid meteor shower is set to bring an amazing treat for stargazers and space enthusiasts, which will light up the night sky with shimmering bright shooting stars. The Perseid meteor shower is set to take place this week itself, and here is how you can watch it.

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best space-related events for enthusiasts and can be tracked with ease. According to the American Meteor Society (AMS), this meteor shower occurs every year from mid-July to late August and is set to peak on August 12-13 this year.

It must be noted that despite the anticipation behind the meteor shower, it won’t be quite as exciting as it was last year, since the peak of the Perseid meteor shower is coinciding with the illuminating full moon night, which can reduce its glittery appearance across the night sky.

What is the Perseid meteor shower?

According to space experts and scientists, the annual meteor shower occurs when the Earth passes through the debris of ice and rock, which has been left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. Whenever the planet passes through the densest areas of the debris, the perseid meteor shower peaks.

This year, due to the intense moonlight, the intensity of the meteor shower is expected to be decreased, since it reduces the number of meteors that can pass by the Earth per hour. According to NASA, normally the rate can be 100 meteors per hour.

When and how to watch Perseids meteor shower

It is expected that people will be able to see the peak of the Perseid meteor shower from August 11 to 13, which means from Thursday to Saturday. This year, the Perseid meteor shower is taking place from July 14 to August 24, 2022.

You won’t need a telescope or other tools to see the Perseid meteor shower, as it is visible to the naked eye. The event will most likely be live streamed on social media channels of NASA.

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