What to get in GTA Online this week and what to avoid (November 22

Rockstar Games has released a slew of new offers, discounts, and free items in GTA Online with the weekly update. Players can obtain new vehicles, start new businesses, and dress up to commemorate the Grand Theft Auto series’ anniversary.

While most offers and discounts seem lucrative, GTA Online players should tread carefully as not all of them are worth their costs. For the benefit of fans, this article will explain what they should get this week and what they should avoid entirely.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinions.

What to get and what to avoid in this week’s weekly update in GTA Online (November 22 – December 1, 2022)

What GTA Online players should get this week

[Nov 22 – Dec 1]Sentinel Classic Widebody ($700,000)2.5x GTA$ & RP- Pursuit Races- Martin Madrazo Missions- Hunting Pack Remix- Bodyguard/Associate Salary2x GTA$ & RP- The Pacific Standard Job Heist- OG Heists Setups1.5x GTA$ & RP- Doomsday Heist Preps#GTAOnline https://t.co/IXeV9YogyK

Starting with the anniversary souvenirs, gamers can try out the Rampage Tee and Wasted Tee!, which were released with this week’s weekly update. Rockstar released the apparel as part of GTA 1’s 25th-anniversary celebrations. Both these t-shirts are unlocked after logging in, and players can collect them for free from their wardrobes.

The long-awaited Übermacht Sentinel Classic Widebody has also been added to the game and can be purchased from Benny’s Original Motor Works for $700,000.


Bunkers are one of the best businesses in Grand Theft Auto Online and players should certainly purchase one if they haven’t done so already. This week, the Bunkers and their renovations are available at a 50% discount, that will surely save players plenty of money.

If you have a bunker in an inconvenient location and want to relocate it, now is the time to do so. The Chumas and Farmhouse Bunker are popular amongst players as they are close to the highway and offer easy accessibility.

While they are not as profitable as other businesses, many prefer to run Auto Shops as side businesses between heists. Players who are interested in renovating this business can do so with a solid 40% discount.


Currently, GTA Online is also offering a 40% discount on the Obey Omnis e-GT, an electric vehicle with excellent acceleration, handling, and a decent top speed. Furthermore, this vehicle is quite sturdy, capable of surviving 12 missiles, 12 sticky bombs, 28 rounds of explosive bullets, six tank fires, and two anti-aircraft trailer missiles.

The Omnis e-GT is one of the best Imani Tech vehicles in the game, with increased defensive capabilities. GTA Online players can purchase this vehicle from the Legendary Motorsport website for $1,077,000.


If you’re looking for a low-cost Imani Tech vehicle, the Bravado Greenwood is also discounted by 40%. Being one of the more recent vehicles added to the game, it boasts a higher top speed than the Omnis e-GT.

Finally, the Podium and the LS Car Meet Prize Ride vehicles are both fantastic options that are worth attempting to obtain. While they are available for purchase in-game, winning them for free increases their overall value.

What should you avoid buying in GTA Online this week


Dinka Kanjo SJ is available at 40% off this week. However, this particular vehicle is not worth its discounted price. It resembles an older-generation Honda Civic and has some outdated performance ratings in the game, which is why players should not purchase it.

The Compact EMP Launcher, Heavy Rifle, and Stun Gun are also on sale for 40% off, but should be avoided at all costs.

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