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Updated on Aug 14, 2022 06:48 AM IST
  • Johnny Lever was actively preaching at various places in between 2011-2013. One incident changed it all for him.
Johnny Lever during a worship concert at R.B. Clifford Memorial Convention Centre in October 2011.
Johnny Lever during a worship concert at R.B. Clifford Memorial Convention Centre in October 2011.

Johnny Lever is one of the most iconic comedians that Bollywood has ever seen. He has worked in more than 300 movies and is now the star of many of his kids’ viral funny videos on social media. For Johnny, however, films have not always been the only passion. (Also read: When Johny Lever, born John Rao, revealed how he got his screen name)

Back in 2011-2013, Johnny found a love for preaching. He delivered an enthralling sermon at R.B. Clifford Memorial Convention Centre in October 2011 during a worship concert. On that day, Johnny spoke about all that God has done for him and the power of prayer. He even mentioned how God saved his son Jesse, who was diagnosed with cancer. He said during the session that doctors had given up on him, said that any surgery could lead to his death but Johnny prayed so much, God granted him his son’s life.

Johnny even spoke about it in an interview to HT in 2013. When asked about the transition from comedy to sermonising, Johnny said, “It was God’s will. I had always been a religious person, but one incident changed my life. My son was diagnosed with cancer. I was helpless and turned to God for help. I stopped working in films and spent all my time praying for him. Ten days later, when he was taken for a test, the doctors were surprised because the cancer had vanished. It was the beginning of a new life for me.”

About his newfound love for the Bible and sermons, he said, “I was born a Roman Catholic but had never tried to read the Bible. Now, I ensure that I read it completely. I don’t boast about being a holy person but I know that prayer can do miracles.”

Jesse is also popular on social media now and was seen in War with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. His sister Jaime Lever also has a large fan-following.


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