Why are Auto Shops an excellent investment in GTA Online?

If Auto Shops are available at a discount in GTA Online, then you should consider purchasing one. This property is arguably one of the better ones you can own, especially after you own the other essential businesses in the game. Owning an Auto Shop in GTA Online gives you access to the following:

  • The ability to customize a client’s car and deliver it to them for extra cash
  • Contracts
  • Exotic Exports
  • All modifications, including previously locked ones
  • 5% discount on all modifications
  • A 10-car garage

Most of these features are unique to this property, so you won’t be able to get them via other businesses in the game.

Why you should buy an Auto Shop in GTA Online


GTA Online players can buy Auto Shops from the following locations:

  • Mission Row
  • Strawberry
  • Rancho
  • Burton
  • La Mesa

It doesn’t really matter which one you purchase since all the locations are pretty good for one reason or another. Once you choose which one you wish to purchase, it’s time to visit it and have Sessanta and KDJ talk to the protagonist.

Although these two characters aren’t exactly popular within the fandom, it’s worth mentioning that the actual features they give you are useful.

Useful features in GTA Online’s Auto Shops

The first feature to discuss is the ability to accept a client’s car and then customize it to their liking. GTA Online gives you all the instructions, so this part is very easy to do. Once you’re done customizing the client’s ride, you have two options:

  1. Deliver it yourself
  2. Have one of your staff members deliver it

The first option will give you more money if you’re a decent driver, but the second option is easier. However, the NPC staff member will almost always do a poor job, meaning that you won’t earn much profit if you always rely on them.

The bigger moneymaker is the contracts that you can do on the whiteboard upstairs. Leaders can make anywhere from $170,000 to $375,000 depending on which one they do, making this activity a nice break from the usual heists and Business Sell Missions.

Another helpful feature is Exotic Exports. The following interactive map shows all of their possible locations:

You just need to complete a Contract to unlock Exotic Exports. This feature essentially allows you to sell cars that you steal from the aforementioned locations.

Don’t forget that you can also modify your cars with any option at a 5% discount. Vehicle enthusiasts should definitely prioritize getting the Auto Shop, as they will save money in the long run if they wish to customize a ton of different cars in this game.

Of course, this property also has a small garage that allows you to store ten extra cars, which is nice since other properties do something similar in GTA Online.

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