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Recently, the Destiny 2 community on Reddit started a thread requesting Bungie to add the Nightmare and Empire Hunts to the Vanguard Ops playlist. This is just a suggestion for now, and it’s too early to tell if the developers will actually consider this.

However, before considering this suggestion, the main question is whether these activities would make an excellent addition to the playlist. While the answer to this question isn’t that difficult, a few factors need to be taken into account.

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Adding Nightmare and Empire Hunts to the Vanguard Ops Playlist in Destiny 2 is a good way to make old content relevant


The Vanguard Ops playlist hasn’t seen any new activities added to it for a while now. Yes, the Battlegrounds were added after Season of the Chosen concluded, but that is the only new addition seen.

Bungie can add many other activities to the Vanguard Ops playlist in Destiny 2. The Nightmare and Empire Hunts are good examples of the same. Both these activities are tied to two different expansions in the game. However, the primary issue behind not adding these is the duration of these activities.

The Nightmare Hunts are very straightforward and are really short when compared to the other activities in the Vanguard Ops Playlist in Destiny 2. The Empire Hunts, on the other hand, are a significant part of the Beyond Light campaign itself. Bungie would have to make serious adjustments to these activities in terms of enemy difficulty and numbers if the devs added these to the playlist.

Although these activities come with additional difficulty levels that can be selected while launching either of the two activities mentioned above, the Adept version of these missions, which also happens to be the base difficulty of these activities, can be easily completed by a Guardian just by themselves.

Having three Guardians run the same activity as a Fireteam would make it even easier when it comes to completing it. Keeping this in mind, Bungie will have to make adjustments to the enemies in these activities. They would either have to be buffed, or more enemies would have to be added to make them good enough for the Vanguard Ops Playlist.


However, adding these activities to the playlist would give Guardians a much-needed break from the already existing activities in the playlist. Calling these activities irrelevant would be wrong, as many players worldwide join the game every day, and the campaigns related to these activities are still brand new to them.

That number is small but is still a valuable part of the community. Others who have been playing Destiny 2 for a while now don’t really participate in these activities anymore because the Witch Queen expansion brought in tons of new content for everyone to try out.

Adding Empire and Nightmare Hunts to the Vanguard Ops Playlist could act as an incentive for older Guardians to revisit these activities and play them at a higher level of difficulty in Destiny 2.

Thus, keeping all these factors in mind, the Empire and Nightmare Hunts would indeed make a good addition to the Vanguard Ops Playlist in Destiny 2. However, it would be good if Bungie could tweak them a bit before making the changes.

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