Wordle 570 Answer, Clues, Hints for January 10 Word Puzzle Game Solution

The human mind always tries to seek fun in the everyday mundaneness of life. No matter how much work you have to finish in a day, the mind needs a break, and what better quick and fun way to take a break from the workload is other than finding the wordle of the day?

Yes, the Wordle game is a blessing for people seeking moments of fun in their hectic daysThe NYTime Wordle is a popular game that asks you to guess the wordle of the day—excited about Wordle today? So are we.


Hey, the Wordle game requires guesswork. The game is undoubtedly tough, but guessing the wordle of the day can be made even more fun with some juicy hints and clues. That is when we enter the game. We help you guess the Wordle of the day with some exciting Wordle hints so that you ace the wordle game. And hey, you need not worry about the wrong guesses, as we have also listed the answer for the Wordle today, in case you wish to check.


Excited? Well, hold on to your excitement. Before jumping straight into the Wordle hints, let us first know what the Wordle game is all about.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a super addictive word game by NYTimes. Why is the NYTimes Wordle so addictive? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The Wordle game is super addictive as it plays with the fact of “Scarcity”. Unlike other games that give you the chance to play unlimited at any time of the day, Wordle gives you only 6 chances to crack the word. If you lose in all of these 6 chances, you will have to wait for the next sunrise for the new word. 

Thus, the smart look for hints at Jagran Josh to crack their Wordle challenges in just minutes.

Before diving into the hints, first, have a look at the rules carefully.


How to play Wordle?

Every day the word game comes up with a grid, allowing you to make 6 guesses of a 5 letter word.

If any of the letters you put exist in that five-letter word, the box will turn yellow. If the letter is placed exactly in the right box in any of your guesses, it will turn green.

The goal is to crack that one 5-letter word chosen by Wordle within 6 attempts.  

How on earth can you crack the exact right word without any external help? Well, that’s why we are here, to help you out!

Below are the 5 hints you may need. In case you still fail, we’ll not leave your hand. We have also mentioned the Wordle answer at the end

Now, it’s time for us to introduce you to the exciting Worldle hints!


Wordle Hint 1:

The word ends with a vowel.


Wordle Hint 2:

The word contains only 2 vowels.


Wordle Hint 3:

The second place of the word either has an “R” or an “L”.


Wordle Hint 4:

The word rhymes slightly with “lime”.


Wordle Hint 5:

The word starts with a consonant.


Wordle 570 Super Clue:

Add “C” in the first box and you will get a word that means “an offense”. Note that “C” is not actually the first box (that makes up for another hint!).

Excited to know the wordle of the day? Scroll down for the answer!


What’s today’s Wordle answer?

Wordle 570 for 10 January is GRIME.


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