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The world’s shortest flight takes a minute and 14 seconds to travel to its destinations. A travel blogger named Noel Philips documented the flight journey and shared the video on YouTube. The flight connects the Scottish islands of Papa Westray to Westray in the Scottish archipelago of Orkney. The two places are just 2.7 kilometres apart. The route also includes Kirkwall; hence, the flight operates in a triangle formation, flying from Papa Westray to Westray to Kirkwall.

Being the shortest flight in the world, it is also the costliest flight, if one goes by the cost of every kilometre travelled. The price of the tickets of this flight is set at £17, or roughly Rs 1,643. The flight is operated by Loganair and operates twice in a day. It carries up to nice passengers at one time, reported Stuff.

The flight could easily be replaced with the construction of a bridge but the local authorities have not taken any measures as of now. The place is the only, regularly used transport by the locals and visitors alike. The alternative means of transport is a 20-minute-long boat ride through choppy waters.

Sharing his experience of taking the world’s shortest flight, Noel, in the title wrote, “Onboard the World’s SHORTEST Flight: 80 seconds long!” Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has managed to accumulate more than 2 lakh views. Netizens were quick to register their reactions in the comment section. One user said, “Imagine if you have a two-hour delay for this flight. It is probably faster to just walk and swim there.”

Another commented, “Superb! Always wondered what these flights would be like and now I know.” “Amazing! I wonder if there is also a ferry service. Someone could literally hold their breath for the entire time the flight was airborne,” wrote one user.

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