Zoom, Skype calls may never be the same again as Snapchat maker pulls the plug on Snap Camera app

Snapchat’s camera app that made boring meets fun with its silly filters is going. The company on its support page announced that the camera app will no longer be available to use or download on January 25. However, it did not tell why it was doing so.

“On January 25, 2023, Snap Camera will no longer be available to use or download. You can continue using Lenses on your computer with Snapchat for Web,” the company confirmed.

“To change your camera source from Snap Camera to your default camera, go to the video settings and switch the camera source from ‘Snap Camera’ to your default camera.”

Snap camera lets its users add silly lenses like pirate hat, cat ears, or potato to your face using Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing apps. This is the same feature, which The Verge once reported, forced a boss to sit through entire work meeting as a potato since she did not know how to turn the filter off.

Snapchat introduced this feature in 2018 for creator to make their Twitch streams interesting but it soon became a hit when the pandemic struck and world went online for offices, schools and other day-to-day activities.

Snapchat confirmed on its page that the feature will no longer be available to use or download. However, the company notes that users can continue using Lenses on their computer using Snapchat for Web. It also asks users to switch their camera source from Snap camera to default camera from the video settings. You may see a blank screen once the camera goes forever so it is better to uninstall it and switch to the default or some other camera app that you like.

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